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The Washington Area Astronomy Meetup connects people interested in astronomy by fostering informal gatherings at local star parties, public observatory nights, astronomy lectures and other astronomy-related programs. No experience in astronomy is req


Learn about the fundamental building blocks of our universe, their amazing properties and the impact of this on lives today. The concepts derived from Quantum Mechanics, the study of the behaviour of the fundamental particles and energies of nature ,

Quantum and Cosmic Explorers

Whether you're an expert or a neophyte in whatever Physics topics we cover, it will be an interesting meeting for all. Come join us on the 2nd Friday of the month and share and discuss your Physics interest and knowledge and have fun while you do! Th

Physics Enthusiasts

The Astronomical Association of Northern California is a non-profit corporation for fostering astronomy in Northern California.  We serve as a central location for member astronomy clubs, amateur astronomers and professionals throughout the area to s


Hi! The group has recently changed hands, so please bear with me while we change the descriptions. In the meantime, you can look at our events to get an idea of what we do. Thanks, Jobeda

Interplanetary travellers

Meetup site (easier to remember): http://PhysicsAndPhiloso­ Facebook group:­id=148654975889 Click here to donate! (we need $72/year) Hi all! The purpose of this meetup is to learn about and appreciate all kin

Physics and Philosophy Lovers

Come join us in a relaxed entertaining discussion of issues of non-duality. If you are a fan of writers such as Alan Watts, Nathan Gill, Tony Parsons, Wayne Liquorman (Ram Tzu), Sailor Bob Adamson, Adyashanti, Stephen Batchelor, Ramesh S. Balsekar, G


Are you interested in seeing the moon, planets, stars through a bunch of different telescopes? Do you want to chat with local amateur astronomers? Come out to one of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada events at the Riverwood Conservancy on Burn

Star Gazers

This group is for those people who are interested in Astronomy as a hobby. Whether you have a Telescope and are a seasoned Stargazer or just have a passing interest in looking up from time to time. We organise observing sessions under dark skies in t


Meditation and spiritual development: To those searching and longing a way of spiritual realization. Interested to practise sincerely and learn the philosophy of the ancient teachings of Tantra Yoga. The teachings are based in the philosophy of Shrii

spiritual seekers

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March 10, 2014

We're a group of science enthusiasts who love Carl Sagan's original Cosmos but also want to view the new 2014 Cosmos remake 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey'. Some of us don't have cable TV and instead of looking for a local restaurant or bar in SF we're

January 28, 2014

“Brothers and sisters, do not be children in your thinking. Instead, be infants in evil, but in your thinking be mature.” 1 Corinthians 14:20 Worldview, from the German word Weltanschauung, is the fundamental point-of-view of an individual, group, o

January 18, 2014

Support & discussion group of Nassim Haramein's Grand Unification Theory: The Connected Universe. Our goal: inform the public, spread The Resonance Project message. ___________________________________­___________________________________­_ Groupe de

Light Bringers
November 27, 2013

This is a group for all Seraphim Blueprint teachers in Japan. Let's get together and talk about Seraphim Blueprint and about our teaching. このミータップグループは日本のセラフィムブループリント・ティーチャーの­皆さまのためにです。楽しい会議をしましょう!

November 18, 2013

Hello and welcome... This totally new group, as of November 23rd 2013, was formed in the hopes of attracting some 'positive negativity' to Einstein's current model of the universe.  Where he claims 'time'  to be a viable component in its workings...­

November 1, 2013

Cosmic: relating to the cosmos, the harmonious ordering of the Universe. Wisdom: the quality of having experience and knowledge. Theosophy: theo, meaning divine or god-like, and sophia, meaning wisdom. Cosmic Wisdom: The Theosophy of the Universe is

Wisdom Seekers
May 24, 2013

Some things we will do is watch Athiest/Agnostic videos and have discussions. Every one is welcome to bring topics. The meeting is offered weekly, Noon to 1:30. No labels needed here. Just share what you believe and feel. Bring your curiosity. We

Free Thinkers!
March 24, 2013

This meet up is for anyone interested in quantum mechanics, special relativity, the grand unification and theoretical or hypothetical quandaries into the quantum world. This Meetup is meant to inspire a collaborative group of people to help one anoth

Grand Unifires
March 20, 2013

This is a group for anyone interested in: Astronomy, Physics, Hobby Electronics, Chemistry, Geology, Nanotechnology, Computer Interfacing with the Real World, Solar Energy, Microbiology, Cosmology, etc. All skill and knowledge levels are welcome. We

Science Enthusiasts
March 16, 2013

Science is fun again! The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is a world-wide think-tank and scientific organization whose members have one thing in common: they have studied very thoroughly mainstream science including relativity, the big bang, plate

Science Lovers
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